Linking rooms with color encourages a better flow between them. Building a cohesive palette that stretches across rooms makes your home look more contemporary and aesthetic.

Varied color tones in adjoining rooms make the home portray a disjointed series of spaces. On the contrary, colors with similar tones draw the eye from one room to the other, creating visual continuity.

Read on to understand a few tips to help you make open-concept spaces feel cozy and connected with these color tricks below.

Create a Flow With Colors

If your home has an open floor plan or where rooms connect via wide openings, selecting colors that correlate with each other is vital. The only challenge is to make each room look distinct according to its functionality and achieve unity.

Hiring a professional interior designer is one of the easiest ways to ensure sticking to the color palette to make your home look luxurious and aesthetic. Their years of expertise will help you create a subtle link between each element and space to form a cohesive look.

Use a Thread of Color Between Rooms

Using a single hue as a theme that runs throughout helps give each room its personality while achieving a united look. This works efficiently even if you want to use lots of different colors. For instance, select your preferred shade, such as brown, that appears in the color scheme of each room.

Then take the assistance of a professional interior designer to help you select woodwork as the unifying element and use the chosen color on doors, molding at the ceiling, and window frames.

Define Connected Spaces With Color

One of the greatest perks of open floor plans is that it allows the architect to create an illusion of larger space without increasing the square foot. However, this means you can paint only some of the connecting rooms one color.

Consider taking help from a well-experienced interior designer to help you make each area unique by adding its sense of personality.

Connect Rooms With Flooring and Rugs

If your adjoining rooms have contrasting colors, here’s a tip for you! Consider using flooring or area rugs that include both colors of each room. While the wall and rug colors don’t have to be identical, you can select any shade, lighter or darker, to create an illusion of being closely knit.

Unify Colors With Trim

Painting the trim in a single shade (preferably white) and placing it throughout the house is the easiest way to create a sense of flow in each room. White trim will help you bring a sense of unity to each room and reinforce the effect with subliminal cues that make people feel anchored once they enter your home.

However, it is recommended to first select the color of the walls with the assistance of an experienced interior designer and then pick the decoratives to ensure creating a harmonized look.

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