Residential Services

Whether you’re buying a new home, staging a property for sale, remodeling or simply updating your environment so that you love where you live, Interiors by Mitzi helps you create a beautiful, functional and comfortable space. If you want your space to look and feel amazing, you need an interior designer who understands the essence of timeless luxury. But it’s not enough to design the space for appearance alone. Your home should reflect your taste and lifestyle. Moreover, it should be as lavish, comfortable and versatile as you want it to be. Manifest a living experience that appeals to the senses, relaxes the mind and fulfills your needs for years to come.

Building, Buying or Remodeling

Are you transforming your space from top to bottom? No matter how complex your intended project is, you should contact an interior designer as soon as you begin. Not only can I guide you toward the ideal solutions for your space, I will help you communicate with your home remodeling contractors so that there are no surprises. A savvy designer allows you to maximize your budget, minimize headaches and achieve impressive results.

One-Room Designs

Even if you don’t need extensive renovations, you can significantly transform your environment by updating a single area. From bedroom interior designing to finishing touches in the kitchen or bathroom, we will work together to create a metamorphosis that makes your room more welcoming, efficient and appealing. Create a sanctuary to which you can escape while designing a room that complements the décor throughout your home.

Cultivate Your Aesthetic

The primary reason that clients like you hire bedroom interior designers and stylists for other spaces in their house is that they have trouble identifying their style. Whether you have a flair for the eclectic or a penchant for minimalism, you’ll clarify your unique preferences through our process. We’ll bring out the character of your home and your personality to create a visual story that makes you feel at home. With furnishings, layout and other details, my aim is always to produce a cohesive environment that showcases your distinctive aesthetic.

Seamless Process

The options that are available for home remodeling and renovations are endless. Familiarizing yourself with your resources and making the right choices are easy tasks when you work with an interior designer. I offer the expertise and flexibility that you’re seeking. In addition to helping you create a beautiful home, I provide a stress-free experience that keeps you as involved as you want to be. Some of the services that I offer include:
  • Color palette selection
  • Fabric and material selection
  • Furniture selection and placement
  • Atmospheric and functional lighting
  • Accessory selection and placement
  • Art advising
  • Wall Coverings
  • Window Coverings

Inspired by You

My clients are my inspiration. I get to know you so that I can infuse your home with personalized, sophisticated artistry and functionality. If you have been searching for residential remodeling contractors near me, you have come to the right place. What’s on your wish list? Let’s create an exceptional living space together.

Interiors by Mitzi