Interiors By Mitzi Q & A

What are some of the biggest mistakes made in interior design?

Top luxury interior designers make themselves familiar with their clients preferences in style and function. There’s nothing worse than having a beautiful space that doesn’t fit your lifestyle and does not function to meet the clients needs.

Also, the correct proportions are a must. A good designer knows proportions are critical to bringing balance to the space. A space that isn’t balanced gives one the impression that something is not right. It will lack harmony and fluidity.

What if my favorite furnishings aren't the same design style?

Too many different styled items can make the space feel cluttered and unorganized. A top luxury designer will create a well balanced eclectic space that has a purposeful formula and can bring different styled items together skillfully.

A luxury designer recognizes the importance of suitability of furnishing grouped together to achieve a cohesive design. For example, you wouldn’t want to put a dining table that is outstanding in quality, with a low quality chandelier over the top of the dining table.This will take away from the beauty rather than compliment.

Is it important to have a color palette?

Interior designers will have a defined color palette that is repeated throughout the space. The color palette must have a pattern and rhythm to it. Otherwise this can make a space feel disjointed and unbalanced.

Interiors by Mitzi