The expression “the devil is in the details” is particularly true when it comes to interior design. The key to creating an aesthetically attractive space lies in paying heed to the subtle nuances of decoration. Being creative and experimenting by mixing your furniture and interior decor styles is an exciting way to amplify your room’s overall appearance. However, it is recommended to take the assistance of a well-experienced interior designer to ensure out-of-the-box ideas and unconventional pairings for your living space.

Continue reading to find some simple yet chic interior decor tips that can help elevate your space in a jiffy!

1. Play with patterns

Why stick to one pattern in a room when you can have two or more prints conveniently? Start by paying attention to the scale of designs and patterns in your room. For instance, bijou yet fancy patterns will look gorgeous on compact surfaces of cushions or tertiary elements like floor rugs. However, you can consider using bold patterns on focal elements of your area by pairing them with the surrounding space.

2. Incorporate plants in your interior decor

Whether you wish to add a statement piece or fill an empty corner or table, indoor plants can bring considerable positive vibes and energy into a room. Plants add a certain color and texture while bringing a tinge of freshness into your space. Thus, depending on the availability and requirement of the area, consider placing plants in cups, earthen pots, mason jars, or terrariums to enhance the overall appearance of your room.

3. The small painting trick

Sometimes a single large painting can feel like going a little overboard with your interior decor. However, to balance the look of your room, consider opting for a collection of more miniature paintings by arranging them in clusters on your wall. However, if you have frames that look too small above your sofa, try hanging them on either side of the couch instead of placing them in the center.

4. Put some soul into the room

Consider displaying the items that indicate your style to create a precisely eccentric look. Any space can feel incomplete without elements that can speak to you, like antiques, photographs, most-prized souvenirs, or vintage heirlooms. Such unique pieces can work wonders in amplifying your space’s overall aesthetic.

5. One at a time

With the desire to complete your interior decor, you may feel tempted to accommodate all of your favorite accessories and accent pieces into the room. However, stuffing too many elements into a room can create visual chaos. Therefore, place your furniture and decor elements mindfully, giving each piece enough space to allow your room’s elements to blend with other interiors while shining independently.

6. Layer furnishings in a small room

Are you figuring out a way to create a cozy, comfortable vibe in your room? Consider layering up your furnishings to create a sense of intimacy in small spaces. Incorporate mirrors, paintings, and other wall items to create backdrops. Your tables and seating arrangements can work as successive layers. Lastly, you can consider using rugs, throws, and bedspreads to boost the sense of comfort and blend them in with the entire space.

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